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The ‘No Sugar No Soda Challenge’ is one of my personal best challenges and one of my favorites. I lost about 15 pounds with this challenge. Let Me Explain how:

When I took my children to the doctor for their normal checkup, the doctor noticed that my oldest son was overweight. Truly he was just a tad. Naturally, he doesn’t look fat but he was chunky in some areas.

Being a boy and a little taller than me, he looks like a football player.

Anyhoo, the doctor asked me we drink a lot of soda. My answer was yes because this house loved sodas. The doctor told me that he would drop weight if I had him cut back or eliminated the soda. I can’t remember if she said to cut back or eliminated but I took that challenge personally.

I took that challenge to heart and decided that the whole house was gonna do it. If it could work for him it will work for me. So I challenged myself for 30 days to drink no sodas. Because I felt like I was in a good mood and charged, I decided to eliminate processed sugar that I had to add and other things; or to things that were in other foods that I purchased.

I didn’t buy sugary items. When I saw that I lost about 10 lbs., I was excited and decided to keep it going for another month. Then I saw the remaining 5 lb fall, I decided to make this a healthy habit for me and my children.

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So if you’re in love with sugary drinks, this challenge is for you.

While a healthy balanced diet and exercise are pretty much perfect for almost anyone, I still do advocate starting small. We’re here are a number of drinks, that you can use to replace soda. Enjoy and leave a comment below.

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Do you have some great ideas for healthy drinks that would make this challenge even more awesome?  Feel free to post them below.  I’d love your feedback and conversations.


Disclaimer 1:  Please do what is best for you as I do what is best for me. Everything that is posted is the sole opinion of the author and is no way intended or should be construed as medical advice or treatment. The reader of the post, watcher of these videos and reader of my blog info is solely responsible for his actions and the consequences thereof. If you want, need, or seek medical advice or treatment – see a doctor.
Thanks and enjoy!

Disclaimer 2:  IMPORTANT: Everyone does different things. Some people eat meat, some are vegetarian, some are vegan/raw food enthusiasts. We WILL respect everyone’s dietary choices. All I ask is that you post healthy recipes that you find good for you and let us know how it works out for you. Let’s not get into arguments because of what someone else decides to eat . .


Stefan Vogt

Hi there, you got me now. No sugar and no soda challenge, that is probably going to be a real challenge for me. Ok, the soda will be possible as I only drink about 0.5 lit of sodas every day but the sugar? I will try, with your sugarless smoothies it could work and the cafe in the morning without sugar I won’t die lol.
Thanks for the tips

Dec 19.2017 | 07:50 am


    Lol. You are more than welcome. Try the suggested sweeteners in your drinks. I use raw organic agave nectar as my go to sweetener.

    Dec 19.2017 | 11:07 am

JR Andrade

Hi Lane, this is fantastic. Challenge accepted =) Our family loves soda too but you are right, there are healthy other drinks that can replace it. And yes, we do need to cut some pounds especially these holidays when it sugary stuff will be endless. It will be a big challenge but very doable. Super thanks =)

Dec 19.2017 | 09:11 am


    Lol. You’re super welcome.

    Dec 19.2017 | 11:05 am

Nate Kidd

I for one drink too many sodas. I am definitely glad to find this article because I know that soda is the reason I cannot lose the little bit of stomach that I have. I have noticed that when I do not drink soda my stomach is much flatter and my pants fit a little looser.

I love smoothies so I definitely will be trying some of these ideas. Thanks for this wonderful information.

Dec 19.2017 | 10:24 am


    I totally know what you mean. I was in love with sodas as well. A first it took great will power to stay away from them. I was fortunate to know how to craft other soft drink together and make them healthy.

    Dec 19.2017 | 11:04 am


Great read! I know I have stayed away from soda for quite some time now! It seems so many commercially made beverage these days are filled with so much sugar. I tend to just stick to water and I know for a fact it has benefited me and my health.


Dec 19.2017 | 03:04 pm


    I know. That commercially made stuff is the ‘devil’. LOL. I had to learn to love water. Thx for your comment.

    Dec 20.2017 | 02:39 am


Very good post Lane! well i am already working on my healthy diet plan and not taking sugar anymore and drinking few of the drinks your mentioned above but your post is very informative and useful and i will share this post with my friend as she badly need it because i was looking these drinks assembled at one place and here i found. Keep sharing such informative posts.

Dec 19.2017 | 10:06 pm


    I totally appreciate that kind words. I know it can be difficult getting started, so I wish your friend the best.

    Dec 20.2017 | 02:38 am


The no sugar challenge sounds like an impossible challenge to me just from reading the title itself.
After reading the whole article though. Glad that there is a suggested replacement , otherwise i would’ve failed from the get go.
Would definitely try this challenge now.

Dec 22.2017 | 10:04 am


    Lol. Keep me posted. Let me know how it goes.

    Dec 22.2017 | 10:04 pm


It’s amazing what kind of results you can achieve with a challenge such as this. I have used similar ideas during the periods of heavy workouts. Nowadays, nutrition is as big of a part of exercising as the actual exercises themselves and sugar comes up as one of the first topics. We don’t even realize how much we consume it.

Dec 22.2017 | 09:45 pm


    It’s true. We don’t even realize it. Sugar is in soooo many things.

    Dec 22.2017 | 10:03 pm

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