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We’re on a No Sugar/No Sweets Challenge for the month and I was in need of something sweet yet healthy. I had been having such a taste for frozen yogurt and I came across this recipe.

I came across other frozen yogurt recipes, which were all great, but this was the quickest. I tried it. I’m going try those and let you know how it goes. Until I do, here is the one that I tried tonight. I was great.


2-3 cups of frozen mangos
1 frozen banana
3 tbsp of your favorite non-dairy yogurt, I used cashew yogurt
1/8 cups of raw organic agave nectar


Add your fruit, yogurt, and agave to your Vitamix blender or food processor

Process/blend until smooth

It will take a bit for the fruit to break down. Use your ‘tamper’, if you have one, for your blender, or stop it and push the fruit down as necessary. If you are using a food processor, stop it periodically to push the fruit down.

In a few moments, you will have smooth sorbet.

If you want to stiffen it up a bit more, just plop it back in the freezer for a bit.



Adapted from A Virtual Vegan


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