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Making Chickpea flour is super easy.  It’s as simple as grinding up chickpeas in your high-powered blender or coffee grinder, storing, and going from there.

However, we’re living in a world where people want to eat far more healthier; therefore, you can feel free to sprout your chickpeas first.  The procedure and benefit of sprouting your chickpeas can be found here:  Sprouting Chickpeas.

Now, I was unsure of must admit, I’m not completely clear on whether or not you should maintain raw when making flours.  I’m not sure.  Please do your own research on that.  However, I DO know that eating raw chickpeas/beans can be highly toxic.  The flour what you’ll be making will be in used in baked goods and cooking; so again, please do your own research on whether they should be cooked first.

I will provide both procedures (raw and cooked) for your benefit.

How to Make Chickpea Flour


Sprouted Chickpeas

or regular chickpeas (if using regular chickpeas, go to Make Flour step)


To Maintain Raw

Take your freshly sprouted chickpeas and spread them out over the teflex in your dehydrator.

Turn the dehydrator up to 145 degrees for about 1/2 hour.

Reduce the temp to 105.

Dry until the chickpeas are dry – about 12 hours

To Cook First

Turn your oven on to your WARM setting.  This setting should be about 170-180 degrees,

Spread your chickpeas out over a  baking pan.

Heat until completely dry.


To Make Flour

Take the completely dry flour and place in your Vitamix.

Grind until completely ground.

Take the flour and sift it carefully.

Take the remaining pieces, that didn’t sift, and return them to the Vitamix or grinder and repeat the process.

Store in a mason jar in a cool place.


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