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I absolutely love kitchen appliances, good healthy food, and experimenting with recipes.  It would drive my husband crazy with delivery boxes of new products that I just ‘had to have’.  He’s amused by it now.  So with all of this, I decided to have fun with my hobby.  I’m gonna take my love for kitchen gadgets and knowledge base of healthy foods and recipe creations to help you (families) to eat healthy.

From Raw Foods, to juicers, to food processors, to blenders, to dehydrators, to ice cream makers, to spiralizers, have fun making healthy treats for your families













Food Processors

Spiralizers and Veggie Tools

Nut Milk Makers and Supplies








Raw, Health Foods, Gourmet and Fun Foods

Ice Cream Makers

Books and Miscellaneous










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I have so many kitchen gadgets too that I’ve run out of space in my kitchen gadget cupboard! Must really make time to sort that issue as currently I have way too much sitting on my bench! I received a GREAT kitchen gadget for Christmas – an Airfryer – do you have one? Seriously if you don’t you should get one! The first couple of times I used it and raved about it the kids rolled their eyes and said we’re never going to hear the end of how great this is. Well they’re converted now to and I can’t shut them up about it! I love the fact you don’t cook with any oil and it is so much quicker than the oven for a quick meal.

Jan 08.2018 | 10:06 pm

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