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This group was designed for a few reasons:

1.  For sharing delicious recipes but cutting calories, fat and carbs for those of us who watch our girlish figures and manly buff physiques.

2.  It was also designed to help people who want to eat right and lose weight but have a hard time maintaining consistency.

3.  It was also designed because (I) some people suffered depression and make eating their crutch.  I know I’ve totally been there.

Many people want help and support but don’t know where to get it.  If anything, I hope that you can find support on this site.

Just because we’re cutting calories, doesn’t mean we and our family have to take the bite out of quality and taste.

We can do this together!

Let’s bring great health, unity and shed those pounds and strengthen our hearts and health together. Someone said that “lite” makes them think that they won’t get full. Let’s dispel those views.

IMPORTANT:  Everyone does different things. Some people eat meat, some are vegetarian, some are vegan/raw food enthusiasts. We WILL respect everyone’s dietary choices. All I ask is that you post healthy recipes that you find good for you and let us know how it works out for you. Let’s not get into arguments because of what someone else decides to eat . . . . . . .

This group was designed for fun, health, and help.  So, let’s jump in and have fun.



I’m so glad I’ve found this blog. You have some great looking recipes. I will definitely be back to try some of those! I feel a connection with you and it sounds like you have been where I’ve been with my weight loss struggles. Let’s do this together! I’m excited for what we can achieve in 2018 with our weight loss goals!

Dec 22.2017 | 06:17 am


    Thanks Megan. That’s definitely what this blog is about. SUPPORT. I agree. Let’s support each other in our weight loss goals.

    Dec 22.2017 | 09:48 am

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