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Well, here we are, in my own article. When I created this blog, I did so with the mind that people want to exercise and eat right consistently. I know that people a healthy lifestyle living.  However, I know one thing from experience (well, maybe a little more):

Sometimes people set themselves up to fail. How, you may ask? Well, step right into my blog mind.

One way that people set themselves up to fail is by setting exuberant goals for themselves. It’s like being in the 2000’s trying to drag race in with 1920’s car. You have a dream, but you lack the material.  In other words, instead of drag racing with another car from the same era, we try to compete with someone who has a make and model of 2010 and above. We set our goals to the people who have a 2010 and above because that’s what we think we ‘should’ do. We get defeated and then we give up.

So, I’m gonna try to reference some simple tips for healthy living and tips for healthy weight loss.


Hindrance #1: YouTubeExercise Videos – As mentioned these are great; however, where are you? In other words, we pick a video that we may be like. Typically, it’s best to exercise 20-30 mins a day, for at least three times a week. We may think, “Yeah, I can do that.” Seems doable, right? Well, the problem is that perhaps exercising isn’t part of your daily routine.

While it may seem like an accomplishable plan, your body is saying, “I don’t think so.” Sadly, then we’ll start listening to our bodies and after one or two weeks, if I make it that long, I’m back to where I started.

Hindrance #2: Joining A Gym – Again, great; especially with these great rates. However, just like above, how often are you really gonna go? You may start out for one to two weeks exercising at least three times a week. You may leave feeling proud of yourself for how great you feel after
exercising and that you’re happy that you made yourself go to the gym. I’m proud of you, too.

However, how’s that gym membership in 5 weeks or even 5 months? Are you still going? If you are, great? If you’re not, why? Did life start calling as it normally does? Did you decide that you’re just going to sit this one day out and now it’s five days later? Now it’s five months later? Ok, keep reading.

Hindrance #3: Detoxing – I love the smoothie detoxes because I love smoothies. However, this one was me. After a great smoothie detox, I felt great; made vows to eat better; cleaned out my cabinets and frig from those nasty, pesty unhealthy foods; went non-dairy; you get the idea. In addition, to getting the idea, I’m sure you see where this all went. Yep, down the tubes. Then I was all frustrated and threw the whole plan away. How many of you did this happen to?


The answer is so simple and yet in times past, I never wanted to hear it much less do it. It always seemed like a cop-out or a failure. How many times did mom tell us when we were teenagers to start saving small and it will grow? How many times did we wish we had listened by the time we were in our thirties or forties? The same ridiculously simple rule applies here. At least it applied to me. Instead of starting out with a bang, start out where you are. Come on, be honest. How many times have you heard that?

Try this consideration. Now these are the some simple tips for healthy living and tips for healthy weight loss.  Let me show you how to be all you can be:

Tip #1: YouTube Exercise Videos – Perhaps instead of doing 20-30 minutes a day, start small. I mean real small. Start at least 10 minutes a day. Yeah, I know. What can that do? What you’re doing is gradually introducing your body to habits that you can keep and GROW ON.

Tip #2: Joining a Gym – Personally, joining a gym is not for me. I’m not motivated by the money to
go. However, some people are. I can’t really speak to the gym membership because it’s just really not for me; but, for those people that it is for, here ya go: I still hold to the 10 min. start rule.

  • Join a gym that’s close to your house, where you work, or where you take care of your business. Why? Because it’s on the way to where you are already going anyway.
  • Make the gym a part of our routine. Sounds dumb, right? You already knew that, right? I know, but allow me to explain further. Leave your home a few minutes early to do the gym when you’re going to work, shop, run errands. In other words, make that a part of your work, errands, and shopping trip.

Tip #3: Team Up With a Friend. However, make sure it’s a friend that is encouraging for you and
one who you’d love to be with. Finding a partner, either up close or online, that will work ‘with’ you can provide that extra need of comfort. Perhaps you have a walking buddy. Perhaps you have a buddy that will go to the gym with you. That always makes it fun. Perhaps you have a buddy that will encourage you when you’re up or down.

I’m sorry, everybody. I really can’t speak to the gym because it’s not for me, but if it’s for you, then make it a part of the things you already do. Throw out some of your suggestions in the comment sections.

Tip #4: Detoxing – Yes, detox. Detox, detox, detox, detox. However, the question is how do I live after I detox? Set realistic small goals for yourself and don’t beat yourself because they are small. THEY WILL GROW. After you finish your detox set a plan:


  • I will eliminate unhealthy snacks and replace them with healthy ones. That’s it. No more for right now.
  • I will eliminate red meats and replace it with fish. That’s it. Whatever goal you set for yourself.
  • I will eliminate processed white sugar and go for agave, honey, stevia, yacon syrup, etc.
  • I will eliminate soda. Then I will eliminate my favorite doughnut in the mornings.

The point is setting a small goal, working toward it, reaching it, and then adding to it.

  • Perhaps you can only do five sit-ups. Then DO THOSE FIVE SIT UPS faithfully. Shortly, and I do mean shortly you will notice that you’re at 7 sit-ups, then 12, then 18. You get the picture.
  • Perhaps you start your diet by eliminating soda. Now you are eliminating the white sugar.
  • Perhaps you started your dieting by eliminating unhealthy snacks by adding healthy snacks. Now, you’ve grown to add healthy breakfasts faithfully; now you’re adding salads to your lunches; now you’re working on portion control for dinner.

BAD EXAMPLES (But Well Meaning) Of Encouragement

Now I would be remiss to tell you that there are some bad examples out there. In other words, there will be friends, loved ones, and even so-called professional people that will give you advice that is just not fit for you. Some people will tell you how to snack but it doesn’t fit in with your goals. Allow me to give you two examples.

Bad Help #1: Bad Exercising I – Once after my husband and I had both of our children (well, actually, I had the children. He had the fun part) I needed and I mean needed to get rid of the extra weight; so I joined a gym class that was right at my house. In other words, it was a close distance. It was ‘supposed’ to be a low impact workout class but the fitness instructor didn’t seem to know that. Let me explain. She knew her stuff, but although the class was low-impact, she wasn’t a low-impact teacher.

After the aerobics part, she would have us run up and down the court playing basketball at a very high rate of speed. Whenever I stopped to catch my breath, she would call me to get back in the game. I was panting ridiculously. My heart was beating so hard that it felt like it would pelt out of my chest. I needed and didn’t have water. All of this seemed to be lost on her. Needing to stop if you’re doing too much is a basic knowledge. How could an aerobics teach not know this.????

Although I was not the exercise person at the time, I knew her approach was wrong. My husband said that if I would have fallen out or something went wrong, she would have been liable. Therefore, I didn’t go back.

Bad Help #2: Bad Exercising II – After this, I decided to give that job to a family who was newly certified as a personal trainer. Why did I do this????? When I explained to them, that I wanted to
take a crawl, walk, run approach, they said that I would lose more weight if I did the 20-30 minutes work out for at least three days. I told them that I knew that was true, but I wanted to start small. I told them that was the best way to deal with ‘me’.

A few days later, they approached me and said, ‘’I have a bone to pick with you.” At that moment, I had to sit there and listen to their wounded ego about how they were certified, had the training, knew what to do, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Mind you, they only had one client before me and they were overweight themselves.  I needed someone in my corner and they needed to feel important at my expense.

Again, these were people that meant well but just didn’t have the proper know-how behind them EVEN THOUGH they were trained. Even though they meant well, they didn’t help show me how to be all that I could be.

Bad Help #3:  Bad Exercising III – On a funny note, I had a friend who would go to the gym with a buddy. This friend liked calm private encouragement. However, his buddy would scream at the gym, “Come on. You can do it.” This was embarrassing to him because he was loud, causing unnecessary attention to them, and just plain annoying. Now while that might not bother some, if it doesn’t fit you, then it’s not gonna work.

Again, these were people that meant well but just didn’t have the proper know-how behind them EVEN THOUGH they were trained. Even though they meant well, they didn’t help show me how to be all that I could be.


Think about babies. They start scooting at about 6 – 7 months; crawling at about 7 -8 months; and walking at about 12-14 months. No sooner than they start to walk, they start learning to run.
They look so cute trying to run. I love babies. Anyhoo, this is all in LESS THAN A YEAR!!! LESS THAN A YEAR!!!! Guys and gals, we can do the same. If you are consistent then you will notice

Again, these are some simple tips for healthy living and tips for healthy weight loss.

Start where you are and grow from there. Start with setting goals that stick. I wish you the best.







Stefan Vogt

Hi Lane, great article.
You got me there right in the spotlight. I am exactly the person that makes a great plan, once for a healthy food diet or then for an exercise cycle. the problem is as you say, once the plan is set I don’t follow it.
I am even worse than you were, when I have the plan, I think its too much of a hassle all in all and actually I don’t look that bad jet or eat that wrong. In the end, I don’t even start anything at all lol.
I will remember your advice, to start with a small step, a step I might not even realize much. Once it is a regularity I get to the next little step and so on.
Thanks a lot

Nov 15.2017 | 05:17 am


    You are so welcome. We’re in this together.

    Nov 15.2017 | 06:32 am

Nate Kidd

You make some great points here. I was in the military for 25 years and I found that the best way for me to exercise effectively was in a group setting. I had plenty of gym memberships over the years but once I got home there was no going back out to the gym.

So now, I use the same concept of working out with a buddy and not setting goals too high. I like the tips you gave here. Thanks for sharing.

Nov 15.2017 | 07:20 am


    LOL. I like how we’re all different. Different is what makes the world go around. I hate working out in a group setting. Some of my friends would get together for a group walk. They used to invite me along and I’d always decline. Yep, the buddy concept is great for me. I like working out with my son. We push each other. I was quite tickled about what you said about the gym. That’s a lot of us. Once in, there’s not going out. LOL. Military for 25 years, huh? Wow.

    Thanks for the comment.

    Nov 15.2017 | 07:51 am


Great article! This is exactly what I teach my clients, and what I preach on my own site. You simply can’t START where you want to END UP. It doesn’t work. It’s failure waiting to happen. I love how you illustrate that point with babies. Being a father of 3, I’ve watched it myself. It worked for my kids. It worked for all of us. It can certainly work on reaching our fitness goals. Nice job!

Nov 15.2017 | 08:37 am


    Thank you.

    Nov 15.2017 | 10:05 pm


This post is so real! I believe most people can relate to this, I know I can. Food is definitely my weakness. I can exercise, make myself work out. But when it comes to food, I have a hard time cutting out the things I love like bread and pasta. Starting small is the best advice you can give! Thanks!

Nov 15.2017 | 09:06 am


    You are so welcome. Thanks for the comment

    Nov 15.2017 | 10:05 pm


Great article…catching the pulse of majority of us. Totally agree with everything that you have pointed out.

Nov 15.2017 | 12:43 pm


    Thank you.

    Nov 15.2017 | 10:04 pm


Hey Lane
There was alot of good knowledge in this article. Hindrance was the part that I highlighted most because it is so true. We all fall into that trap listening to our bodies. But over time was we train ourselves we do come good, eventually.

Nov 15.2017 | 01:48 pm


    LOL. Glad to know that I wasn’t the only one who has been there.

    Nov 15.2017 | 10:04 pm


I know I should start a detox program, but I am curious if doing a cleanse is a good idea. I’ve read conflicting advice about it. Some people swear that a cleans is part of a healthy detox, and other experts caution against them. If you don’t mind, I’d love to hear your thoughts on cleanses and if you think they’re a good idea. If so, I’d love a product recommendation as well. Thanks in advance!

Nov 15.2017 | 10:05 pm


    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for asking. Help me out. What type of detox that you’re looking at? Personally, I can’t see the harm in doing smoothie cleanses because it incorporates fruit and veggies. There was a 21 day detox that me and my friends went on that tailored our breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks. We felt great and loss weight. It was fruit, veggies, nuts, ‘milks’, water etc. Believe it or not it was a lot of food. One of our friends went twice on it and lost 40 pounds.

    Personally, if you’d like, speak to your doctor about what is a good one. I’ve never heard of the cautions (well, maybe except one).

    Nov 16.2017 | 03:09 am


Great article. I love the way you describe all excuses that we say. I also like the comparison with babies. Thank you for sharing !

Nov 16.2017 | 03:50 am


    LOL. Thank you. I love babies and I learn so much for them.

    Nov 16.2017 | 10:09 pm


Hello this is interesting post. I am the type who joined gym membership and continued for 3 weeks or so and then simply wasted all my money for a year. But I found a way and started yoga from home and it works great. Thank you for sharing.

Nov 16.2017 | 06:37 pm


    LOL. I’ve done that before. I had to cancel my membership. I, too, find that I like working out at home. Thanks for your comment.

    Nov 16.2017 | 10:08 pm

William Newsome

You can’t imagine how guilty I was with this. I always start making these big goals in my head and get excited. Then when time comes to act, I don’t follow through. I’ve recently learned also that it’s best to make small goals and work my way up. Baby steps

Nov 21.2017 | 05:33 am


    Sorry for the lateness of my reply. Yeah, we’ve all been there. We’re climbing up that mountain together. It’s better for me to take these baby steps than no steps at all.

    Dec 19.2017 | 06:12 am

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