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7 Day Water Challenge Part 2

Hi everybody, How did we do with the 7-Day Water Challenge Part 1? Once again, the point of this challenge is for those of us who don’t drink much water, are tremendously committed to

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Q&A: Road To Healthy Eating

My Q&A Column                

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My Favorite Recipes and More

Welcome It’s so wonderful to see you (well, literally I can’t see you- but I hope to meet you one day).  Thank for visiting my site.  I really want to take you on a

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Support and Challenges

As far as healthy food is concerned, so many people are struggling on the path of healthy eating.  It’s not that people don’t want to eat well and lose weight, it just that people

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About Me

Welcome to my site. I hope you have a great journey here, make friends, find support, and reach your weight loss goals. I know it can be a struggle but together I hope we

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