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Home-made Fresh Ginger Ale

  When I first tried this recipe, I got it wrong. I was so excited to try this that I read it too fast. I didn’t simmer it as long as it was supposed

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by Lane | 2:39 pm

Why Choose a Vitamix

Wondering why you should purchase a Vitamix? No biggie.   We’re living in a world of research and we wanna make sure you have the best information possible.   Benefit 1: Quick and easy

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by Lane | 1:44 pm

Vitamix Blenders

Welcome to my Favorite Page We want you as a customer so badly, we’re giving you free shipping.  Also, need a little help paying?  Then look no further: The Wait is Over Life’s too

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Infused Waters

This is so simple, so fun, and so cute to look at. While I won’t call these ‘detox waters’, they are definitely infused. If you want a fun way to drink your waters while

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by Lane | 11:43 pm

Strawberry Lemonade

Ingredients This recipe makes ½ gallon of lemonade 2 cups of strawberries, washed and stemmed 6 cups of water, divided 1 cup of water ¾ cup of organic agave nectar or maple syrup (add

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by Lane | 1:15 am

Fresh Berry Sparkling Cocktail

Enjoy this nice fruity drink in the summer or anytime you get a taste for it. Ingredients 1 pint of strawberries, washed and stems removed 1 pint of mixed berries of your choice, washed

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by Lane | 12:55 am

Orange, Grapefruit, Apple Juice

I was given this concoction in the hospital after giving birth to my and my husband’s second child.   Of course, I did all of the work.   However, I was quite thirsty and

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by Lane | 12:39 am

My Favorite Juice Cocktail

This is the recipe that my husband made for me constantly with our Jack Lalanne juicer that fell in love with.  The reason that I mentioned that particular juicer is because prior to it,

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by Lane | 12:34 am

Carrot, Apple, Ginger

Ingredients 1 large carrot, washed (2 medium or 4 small – no baby carrots) 1 apple, washed 1 inch ginger, washed, unpeeled) Water (as much as you feel is needed) Procedures  Add all ingredients

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by Lane | 12:30 am

Simply Carrot Juice

Ingredients 4-5 large washed carrots Water (as much as you feel is needed) Make sure carrots are washed but not peeled or skinned Procedure Blend carrots and water in your Vitamix until the carrots

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