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7 Day Water Challenge Part 2

Hi everybody, How did we do with the 7-Day Water Challenge Part 1? Once again, the point of this challenge is for those of us who don’t drink much water, are tremendously committed to

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7 Day Water Challenge – Part 1

Hi everybody, Does this look cool and refreshing??? I hope so ’cause this is what I’d like for us to do. To those of us who don’t drink much water, are tremendously committed to

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Hey all, Here are some of our past newsletters.  Feel free to peruse at your leisure. What Would I Mean to Reach Your Healthy Eating Goals Sorry It’s Been A While – Cashew Milk

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Making Chickpea Flour

Making Chickpea flour is super easy.  It’s as simple as grinding up chickpeas in your high-powered blender or coffee grinder, storing, and going from there. However, we’re living in a world where people want

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Sprouting Chickpeas

If you’d like to make Chickpea Flour, it’s a simple as just grinding up chickpeas and storing the ‘flour’ in a dry cool place. However, for the best nutritional value, it is best to

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Q&A: Sleeping

A friend of mine asked me the following question a bit ago.  Tell me if the experience is familiar to you: Q:  Hi Tisha. I heard that you went threw [through] insomnia.  Do you

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Q&A: Road To Healthy Eating

My Q&A Column                

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Family First


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Healthy Carbs That Keep You From Being Hungry

Starting on my healthy eating journey, one of my objectives was staying full.  If I said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, I’m an emotional eater; however, I was getting tired of

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