One of my favorite brands of blenders are the Ninja’s.  The reason that I like these blenders is because of its inexpensiveness but holds the same capacities to the more expensive brands.  While I am no stranger or enemy to the expensive brands, I know that many people may not be able to afford them.  They have made me excellent smoothies, nut-milks, seitans, a host of other batters, and pureed my veggies to almost liquid so that I can sneak them in meals (my youngest doesn’t like certain veggies.  I have to be creative).

However, I am a strong advocate of the Vitamix brand and excited to offer several models to meet a variety of needs; however if you do not find yourself in the market for a high powered blender with the unsurpassed quality of a Vitamix, a Ninja may be your best alternative.

So take a ride here and enjoy . .  . . . .

For buying research, check out Blender Reviews.  This is not my site.  This is place where I went to get reviews.