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Welcome to my site. I hope you have a great journey here, make friends, find support, and reach your weight loss goals. I know it can be a struggle but together I hope we can make it fun.

A Little Back Story

I struggled with weight for years. Even as a teenager, I felt that I was too big even though I wasn’t. It was my own self-esteem that triggered those feelings. However, things changed as I became an adult. As I began to struggle with being a wife, worker, fitting in (yes, adults still struggle with fitting in) and a ‘do all/be all’ to people and loved ones, I began to lose myself and emotionally eat. It was then that I found losing weight wasn’t like talking about it. Sadly, I found that some ‘loved ones’, instead of being encouraging, felt it necessary to remind me of my weight. They thought that making me ‘feel small’ about my weight (yep, I said it) would provoke me to change. Needless to say, that didn’t work.

The hardness of issues that were close to my heart and the lack of support led to unhappiness, stress and depression and that led me to comfort myself with foods.

Why Do I Want To Help People

I know what it feels like to lack support and feel as though you’re all alone in your healthy journey. As mentioned above, I’ve been there. I know what it feels like for people to lecture you on what to do, abandon you to do it alone, and criticize when you trip up. Sometimes, all people need is a friend.

So Here We Are

Weight loss and our health can be as fun or as dreary as we make it. I knew that if I struggled in this area, others was struggling as well. As women, we are stressed, overworked, and fulfilling everyone else’s needs. Often we put ourselves on the back burner. Often we ask, “Why can’t someone invest in me the way I invest in them?” That often leads to our unhappiness.  I’d like to build a community where we can invest in each other’s health.

I hope to make it fun. Let’s begin our journey. Together.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

T. Lane Jones







Oh my – I could have written this post! I never feel like I belong anywhere. I always struggle to feel like I’m accepted. I am not really comfortable in my own skin but I want to be. How do I learn to like me?

Dec 23.2017 | 03:55 am


    You know, in all honesty I took a Christian perspective. Being a Christian woman, God allowed me wear myself out trying to please people. Some people, when they are not happy with themselves and know that you want their approval, will make you jump, bend, and beg for their acceptance. No matter what you do, it won’t be good enough. It just got to the point where I got tired of trying to please others and started focusing on me.

    You ask “How do I learn to like me?” What happened with me is that I realized that I was looking at myself through the eyes of others. Through the eyes of people who never saw me as ‘good enough’. Thus, I didn’t see myself as being good enough. Once I began to turn my back on the negative people and their perceptions, I started looking at myself through my own eyes via God’s view. I liked what I saw. If He didn’t like something that I did, I worked on in. I developed a ‘deal with it’ mindset when it came to some others. In other words, if a person didn’t like something about me they just had to ‘deal with it’ just like I had to do if I didn’t like something about them.

    I hope that helps.

    Dec 23.2017 | 05:48 am

Missy Hall

Heyyy! I’m so proud of you. This is my first time visiting the website. I want to lose weight and eat more healthy. I definitely need motivatiin. I also need to speed up my metabolism. Ultimately, I’m here to learn and support You.

Jan 20.2018 | 01:59 am


    I appreciate it darling. Feel free to join our mailing list. There, I will talk more about the health challenges and good stuff for our bodies. On a personal note, you look great to me.

    Jan 20.2018 | 12:21 pm


Hi Lane, After many years of wondering what people think about me, I came to the conclusion that they actually don’t think about me at all. They are very busy worrying about what people think about them. So now I relax and embrace my body. God loves me just as I am. Kind regards, Jill

Feb 09.2018 | 11:03 am


    Thumbs up.

    Feb 09.2018 | 08:27 pm

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