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Hi everybody,

How did we do with the 7-Day Water Challenge Part 1?

Once again, the point of this challenge is for those of us who don’t drink much water, are tremendously committed to sweet drinks (and other not so good for you drinks); I want us to challenge ourselves this week to focus on water.

The first time, the challenge focused on JUST DRINKING WATER.  Now, let’s make it a little more fun.

We’ll keep the same water measurements but now we’ll make sure we infuse it.

Let’s try to focus on 48-64 oz a day.

48 oz is 3 bottles of water
64 oz is 4 bottles of water.

Let’s try to enjoy 1 bottle in the morning, lunch, dinner, and after dinner.

One of the reasons that I’m introducing this is because drinking water was a weakness of mine. I was a lover of sweet drinks (especially during my depression sessions). Thus, I know I am not the only one who has struggled.

Feel free to use whatever measure of fruit, veggies, and herbs that you’d like, BUT try not to over-power it (unless that’s what you want).

Here are the instructions for infusing your waters;

  1.  Make sure your fruit/veggies/herbs are washed appropriately.
  2.  Cut up the fruit/veggies to your specifications.  We’re not picky.
  3.  Pour your desired amount of water over your fruit/veggies/herbs.
  4.  Place in the refrigerator.
  5.  Allow your waters to infuse for at least an hour before enjoying.
  6.  Based on a previous article that I read, (sadly, I don’t remember where I found it), you can use your fruit/veggies/herbs for two servings.

Come on.  Let’s get that water in us.  Now, let’s have some fun.

Here are some great recipes that we can try:










Berries & Ginger(not pictured)









Peach and Ginger






Mango and Mint

Mango and Cinnamon (not pictured)









Peaches and Mint / Berries and Basil

Mango and Pineapple (not pictured)






Lemon and Lime 

Mango and Cinnamon (not pictured)









Cucumber and Kiwi

Lemon and Cinnamon (not pictured)









Citrus Water






Blueberry Orange







Berries and Lime








Apples and Cinnamon







Strawberry Basil



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