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Healthy Snack Challenge

One of the reasons for the Support and Challenges is to provide support while you do these challenges. There, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I completely understand what it’s like to start diets, healthy eating and then get kicked off the wagon. One of the major things that I learned is to start small, go at a pace comfortable for you, slowly gain momentum, and forgive yourself.

Many changes that we face didn’t come overnight; therefore, we might fall off the wagon several times before we get it right. The point is to get it right!

Enter ‘The Snack Challenge’:

Noticed I didn’t put any days in this challenge. The purpose is for you to go through the list and find snacks that you believe that you will be comfortable with. I definitely encourage you not to go to the store and buy everything that you see on this list. Start by picking at least five snacks that you believe you will be comfortable with eating. Then you can slowly add others to it. You can stick to five if you’d like.

You see, we already have snacks that we eat constantly. Snacks from potato chips, candy bars, ice cream, fruit roll-ups, frozen preservative full snacks that you find in your freezer section, etc.

Many people eat when they get bored; are depressed; have nothing to do; simply because it’s there; or because other people are eating. How often have we gone to a restaurant with our friends and ordered something when we were not even hungry? Eating is the one thing that’s best done when you’re in the company of loved ones; but, it can also be the most detrimental.

Enter the snack challenge, while we crawl walk run to better fitness, let’s start by changing some of our snacks.

While I’m not putting days on this (example eat this on day one, eat this on day 2), I will say in addition to your snacks make sure you’re adding your fruit and vegetables. As you can see, I’ve added my favorite fruit and vegetable smoothie that can be enjoyed during the day.

Alright, let’s get to it. Let’s enter into our days of healthy snacking. Feel free to come back to this page when you want to try something new.

Again, don’t worry about trying to eat all of the snacks try all of the snacks in the 30 days. Love the ones that you know you’d like and stick to those. You have several choices to choose from.

Snack Challenges

My Favorite Smoothie

Baked Corn Tortillas
Kale Chips – Dehydrator (raw)
Kale Chips – Baked
Mango Salsa
Raw Queso Cheese
Vegan Queso Cheese
Caramel Sauce/Apples
Trail Mix
Freshly Made Granola

Raw Candied Almonds – Dehydrator
Raw Yogurt 1
Raw Yogurt 2
Spinach Pesto
Caramel Apples
Yogurt Parfait

If You Like To Snack on Sweet Stuff

Raw Brownies
Chocolate Pudding 1
Chocolate Pudding 2
Chocolate Dipped Fruit

Do you have some great ideas for healthy snacks that would make this challenge even more awesome?  Feel free to post them below.  I’d love your feedback and conversations.


Disclaimer 1:  Please do what is best for you as I do what is best for me. Everything that is posted is the sole opinion of the author and is no way intended or should be construed as medical advice or treatment. The reader of the post, watcher of these videos and reader of my blog info is solely responsible for his actions and the consequences thereof. If you want, need, or seek medical advice or treatment – see a doctor.
Thanks and enjoy!

Disclaimer 2:  IMPORTANT: Everyone does different things. Some people eat meat, some are vegetarian, some are vegan/raw food enthusiasts. We WILL respect everyone’s dietary choices. All I ask is that you post healthy recipes that you find good for you and let us know how it works out for you. Let’s not get into arguments because of what someone else decides to eat . . .




I’m so glad I’ve found your site! I need some inspiration to get myself back on track. I lost 22kg 18 months ago but have put 10kg back on in the past 12 months so need to get my head right. I like your idea of a 30-day snack challenge to find good snacks that work for me. I will be trying some of your ideas for sure! I notice that you haven’t got one of my favourites listed – hummus with carrot and capsicum sticks. Have you tried that before?

Dec 19.2017 | 06:53 am


    Hi there,

    Thanks for the reply. Our snack list is ever growing. I love hummus and will post the recipe soon. I’m a fan of bell peppers in certain items (like potato salad). However, carrot sticks, celery, etc. is what I’ll use to dip my loving hummus. BTW, I also love Roasted Red Pepper hummus. Ummm.

    Dec 19.2017 | 07:40 am


Loved the post. As one of those people who snack whenever they feel like it, I always wanted to try some healthy snacks instead of the junk I was consuming. I am going with mango salsa and caramel apples. Do you think caramel apple is too much sugar??

Dec 19.2017 | 07:07 am


    Hi there,

    Thanks for your comment. Personally, I do not think so because I use healthy ingredients in all of the snacks. I don’t use any sugar. If you feel apprehensive my suggestion is to cut the apples up and use the caramel for a dip. Make sure to use the caramel sauce recipe and not the ‘bad’ stuff out of the store. Happy and healthy eating.

    Dec 19.2017 | 07:36 am

Stefan Vogt

Wow, these snacks look really delicious to me. I think this will be a fun thing to try through the list. I like the fruit smoothies very much and instead of my dry biscuits those will be a great upgrade.

Dec 19.2017 | 07:46 am


    Lol. I hope you like the snack and make your way towards healthy living.

    Dec 19.2017 | 11:08 am


Wao Great post! i liked your website too. You gave me a good idea of losing weight as i am working on it and already taking green smoothie. I am definitely gona try snacks as they look yummy and delicious. Well done!

Dec 19.2017 | 09:55 pm

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